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Monday, August 30, 2010

what do YOU think?

are you a leming? I am not saying lemming I am saying leming, a lemming is one who mindlessly follows the crowd, a leming by my definition is one who sees what happens in society, sees the lemmings running by, but whether it's lethargy, ideology, past experiences, etc. Does not follow the rest of the lemmings, you have the ability to follow the lemings, but you know how to break off when they get near the edge of the cliff when they all are about to jump off. It is by no means wrong to be a lemming,  infact in many ways it is more beneficial than being a leming or being a whole other being, I am simply trying to catagorize as all humans do,  so what are you? Can you look deep inside and see whether you are a leming or a lemming?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

thoughts so far

I am thnking that I will make this blog, about my daily life. (how revolutionary!) who knows, things may change. gimme suggestions


not sure what this blog will be about yet, but it will be entertaining