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Monday, September 20, 2010

been looking

I've been looking around at liquid cooling, and super PCs and now I'm constantly fighting the impulse to buy stuff....I cant afford the new stuff, but it seems that I'm still spending 4/10 of my waking time browsing around at newegg, tigerdirect, and frozencpu, and a bunch of PC customizing sites, such as,,,, etc. I have come to the conclusion that this is due to a dopamine addiction, when I am putting these systems together and seeing the outcome, it is almost as if I am completing tasks, and so I get a tremendous dopamine high.

when I actually purchase items, such as a 1tb hard drive I just purchased, or the liquid cooling set (which I definitely do not need) that I just bid on in eBay, I get the thrill of a child trying to go to sleep the night before Christmas, and all I can do is look at the items and the ups tracking hourly.

so in short (tl;dr) how do my followers view addiction/work with their addictions?

these are pics of my case, (yes that is a liquid cooling system, which is why i do NOT need the cooling system i just placed a bid on)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I apologize for not making a post in a while, I normally do all of my blog posts while I'm in chemistry class (180 person class which we learn nothing in) but I forgot my link to the outside world (my phone) during my last chemistry class. NOW, back on track: mnemonic devices, extremely helpful at times, I know you aren't my personal army, but if you do have a decent mnemonic device for trigonometric substitution (integral calculus), I would appreciate it if you shared

Sunday, September 12, 2010

physics time

whatcha think about cosmic strings? plausible or load of melarchy
debate go!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

a good laugh

LOL, that is all i can say, it gave me the best laugh i have had in a while, anyone else have something that makes them chuckle?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

tell me

What are you running on guys? Im an overclocker myself and always like hearing about new configurations, this is my configuration:

ASUS M4N72-E SLI (750a nVidia chipset)
6GB DDR2 800 MHz
750w Corsair PSU
liquid cooled with a thermaltake 240 mm radiator and 500L/h pump to only the cpu (not chipset nor gpu)
2x160gb SSD (xp and ubuntu on one and 7 pro on other)
3x120mm fans, 5x90mm fans, 2x80mm fans, 2 port gpu exhaust
cpu overclocked settings: 214 fsb, 1.38v cpu vcore, 1.38v NB, each core at 17.5x cpu ratio
memory:~830 Mhz (from fsb+NB volt)
gpu o.c. settings: 745 MHz core freq.
1490MHz shader processor freq.
mem freq. 1674 MHz
fan speed 60%
core Voltage 962mV

cpu never goes above 37*C
chipset stays around 55*C
gpu is 54*C rest and up to 110*C full load (but the fermi boards can really handle it)
ambient: 31*C

what are your stats? and what is your successful max cpu freq? mine is 4.2 but it was only kinda stable

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I know that chinchillas are not lemmings

Just so everyone knows, I understand that chinchillas aren't lemmings, but I have a chinchilla named pikachu, I made a photo shopped version of her, and the blog picture is that, I used that because it is one of the only pics I had that weren't potentially copyrighted.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I have a disorder called hypersomnolence, which is pretty much perpetual sleepiness, I've been wondering about some things concerning sleep, does anyone know anything about the other levels of sleep and their importance? (other than REM) i found some stuff about cutting sleep down and instead doing scheduled naps in high abundence to go straight into rem sleep and cut out the other stages.

Also I have been wondering about lucid dreams, I have had a few, but I cannot trigger them, anyone know a way to?

I dont feel like googling atm