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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

tell me

What are you running on guys? Im an overclocker myself and always like hearing about new configurations, this is my configuration:

ASUS M4N72-E SLI (750a nVidia chipset)
6GB DDR2 800 MHz
750w Corsair PSU
liquid cooled with a thermaltake 240 mm radiator and 500L/h pump to only the cpu (not chipset nor gpu)
2x160gb SSD (xp and ubuntu on one and 7 pro on other)
3x120mm fans, 5x90mm fans, 2x80mm fans, 2 port gpu exhaust
cpu overclocked settings: 214 fsb, 1.38v cpu vcore, 1.38v NB, each core at 17.5x cpu ratio
memory:~830 Mhz (from fsb+NB volt)
gpu o.c. settings: 745 MHz core freq.
1490MHz shader processor freq.
mem freq. 1674 MHz
fan speed 60%
core Voltage 962mV

cpu never goes above 37*C
chipset stays around 55*C
gpu is 54*C rest and up to 110*C full load (but the fermi boards can really handle it)
ambient: 31*C

what are your stats? and what is your successful max cpu freq? mine is 4.2 but it was only kinda stable


  1. I build my system January 2009, for budget and it consists of..

    AMD Phenom 9550 2.2ghz Quad Core
    Gigabyte 790MX MoBo
    2 x 500GB HDD's in RAID0
    4GB 1066mhz RAM
    4850 512mb Graphics
    and 650w Cooler master PCU
    In a Cooler Master Centurion Case
    With 32bit Vista Home Prem

    Since Then I have...
    Got an extra 1.5TB HDD
    Broke my mobo and now have some crappy chipset
    Got a 64GB SSD and thrown Win7 64bit on it
    Extra 4GB of RAM

    But yet to see my ram usage go over 4gb >.<

  2. have u ever tried overclocking that phenom?

  3. im not even sure about my computer...

  4. go to your control pannel and select the icon that looks like a computer moniter with a check on it called "system" then go to the hardware tab and check the device manager, you can see all the things ur computer has there

  5. lol not lucky, i cut down on food to afford these parts lol

  6. I never thought of it that way... interesting

  7. Good specs. Interesting. Also following and supporting.

  8. A computer that was amazing 5 years ago. lmao nice rig though.

  9. you know, except that neither the phenom 955 nor the 470 were out 5 years ago, nor were 160gb ssd's

  10. Running a p4 2.6ghz overclocked to 3.4 ghz with a stable temp of 30C...9250 radeon which is a load of shit....upgrading within the next month with my financial aid return. prolly gonna opt for i7 950, 6 gigs, and a 460-480 gtx. WAY OVERDUE

  11. go for an amd (i know i hate it when people tell me to change my mind about what im getting) you get way more bang for your buck, and overclocking is soooooo simple and smooth if u go with an asus board

  12. lol no i did not take them sadly i just have collected them over my internet browsing career from various websites

  13. on my crappy little netbook right now lol.

  14. i would be too embarressed to post my system :(

  15. lol, thats the whole point of overclocking, getting something out of nothing.