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Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm baaaack! *creepy smile*

I have been mia for the last few weeks, and have some exciting news, me and my fiance have finally settled on where we will have our wedding. It will be at the carolina renaissance festival next year. Besides that I have no excuse and wish for forgiveness..... So off to todays ramblings, I have looked into the world of graphene and am shocked by the potential behind this almost magical material in it's vast potential. To start out, graphene is a monolayer sheet of carbon atoms with an sp bond. Making a sheet of graphene is the main bottleneck in graphene research, currently the most effective way of manufacturing graphene is assembling it on top of copper and nickle sheets.
mechanically graphene is an engineers dream, it is flexible and has a tensile strength of up to 300 GPa (diamond has a known tensile strength of about 30 GPa and steel is 3 GPa) because of this it already has obtained fame as the worlds fastest spining material (using alternationg electric charges) and still could have withheld a significantly faster speed.
In the chemical world, thanks to graphene, electron microscopes were able to capture a single hydrogen atom (and on a side note when a highly intensified electron beam broke holes in the graphene sheet the graphene repaired itself)
and what I think is certainly the best property of graphene is its amazing ability to transfer electrical currents (near superconductor resistance) and because of the lack of conductivity of graphene oxide, when you take a sheet of graphene oxide and extravt the oxygen along lines, you are able to make circuits on graphene just like silicon but in experiments making graphene transistors they were able to attain speeds of 100GHz with a possible speed of 1 THz (1000GHz) this is a godsend as our silicon processors have a physical limit of 16 nanometers (currently chips are being manufactured at around 32 nanometers so we are getting very close)so for those of you that missed out on the silicon revolution, don't miss out on the graphene revolution

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